If you listen to the pundits, the pollsters, and the medical experts, America's fastest-growing state is not a safe place to live due to the Covid pandemic. Our medical facilities are in the 'Crisis Standards of Care,' which means medical staff can refuse medical care based on the lack of facilities.

A doctor last week made national news during the state's medical press briefing by declaring that 'Idaho had lost the War.' Let's not forget that a recent poll by the ever-to-be-trusted folks as WalletHub revealed that Idaho is fifty-first out of fifty states when it comes to safety from Covid.  

Is it really that bad? How safe or unsafe do you feel? Idahoans are back to attending sporting events, concerts, and other group activities without restrictions or mask mandates. Unlike other states in our region, there is no vaccine mandate for state workers, so how dangerous is it to live in Idaho?  


As of today, we do lead the nation in Covid deaths per 100,000 reports Becker'sHospitalreview.com.   Although other states have more people dying overall. Currently, the expected life span in Idaho is around 79 years which ranks us 22nd in life expectancy in the country. Hawaii is number one, where people are expected to live up to 82 years.  


The Gem State is ranked 21st for public health care by US News and World Reports. Once again, if Idaho were so dangerous, we would not be in the middle of a population boom and a housing crisis.

The takeaway from the negative national press stories is that most of these folks haven't and most likely will not visit our state. We can't let fear of the unknown control our lives. Idaho continues to function as America used to and could do so again.  

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