My brother and sister-in-law hosted a German exchange student a few years ago and now he and his wife are visiting Idaho and he wants to visit Boise to see the State Capitol and other's where I need your help. With one day spent in Boise, what are the top attractions we should have them go see?

Like I said the State Capitol building is already planned but what else?  I thought about Alive After Five, but not sure if it's a big deal for them since they won't know anyone and it's really kind of a social event.

We've already suggested the Zoo and maybe the State Penitentiary, but what else.  The Greenbelt is out because of flooding.

Help by giving your suggestions in the comments section below or on our Facebook page....what are the coolest, can't miss features to see in a one day period here in Boise or within driving distance.....thanks for your help.



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