Dogs are so cool for tolerating our holidays.  The 4th of July is noisy and hurts their ears, and when Halloween rolls around they have to wear uncomfortable outfits and take humiliating pictures for our social media pages.

Halloween is the worst day of the year for my dogs.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

I'm going to dress up my precious girl mutt named Libby, in Hello Kitty attire this Halloween.  She's not thrilled.

Cat costumes are actually pretty popular for dogs, and so are bumble bees, super heroes, and UPS delivery drivers.  Who knew they made so many pet costumes!  But the outfit-makers have discovered that we love humiliating our pets and they've come up with some good ways to do it.

Other top Halloween costumes for pets, according to Halloween Express:




Star Wars Ewok


Are you dressing up your pet?  They can't have the chocolate so trick-or-treating is a little uneventful.  But it might be fun to take them along while we're out with the kids.  If the dogs will move, that is, once they're dressed up.  Put a costume on my dogs and they get numb and paralyzed, and it takes a pep rally to encourage them to scoot them along.

PetSmart and Wal-mart in Boise will have lots of costumes for the owners to pick from, and Petco too.  As a country we'll spend millions on pet costumes.

Hang in there pups!  Once we're finished with Halloween we'll break out the reindeer antlers.

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