Weather got you down but you don't have the money to get to some tropical get away? I may have the answer for about getting paid to take a world cruise?


Don't get overly excited, it's not a lot of money, we're talking about $3700 for three months work, but all travel, accommodation and daily expenses are included. So now we are talking some major coinage, when you include all expenses....I can eat and drink like nobodies business.

All you have to do, if you're able to land these amazing job is be skilled in Instagram and have extensive knowledge in all 23 filters....have an exemplary ability to capture stunning views extraordinary experiences, beautiful sunsets and tell amazing stories about your trip on social media.

One drawback is that your uniform will not be supplied, so you will have to purchase and bring you won swim suit, flip flops,and sunglasses

So if after all this snow and cold weather, you're ready to pack up and head to a sunny warm cruise ship full of party people, check out the info below....good luck


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