Just when you thought about passing up a live Christmas tree because they're so expensive this year, one tree lot in Boise is coming to your rescue!

This year, we've been hearing that it's been hard to find a full, beautiful tree for less than $40.  There's a reason that trees are a little pricier this year than in years past.  The shortage tracks back to the recession in 2008.  When money was tight and more families turned to artificial trees that they could reuse, tree farms had to seriously cut back the number of trees they were growing.  Some even chose to cease operations completely.

Fast forward to today when the economy's bounced back a bit.  Tree growers are getting 20 times the number of requests from lots.  Pair that with the drought, seedling shortages and wild fires that hit regions where Christmas tree growing thrives and it's no surprise that there's a tree shortage.

Well, one Idaho Youth Ranch locations is saying "Tree shortage? What tree shortage?" The Boise Outlet location (5464 W Iriving St) just received a large donation from a grower in Oregon.  In the spirit of the season, they've decided to sell the trees for just $5 a piece, regardless of the size!

The deep discount is good until all of the trees are gone. They've got all types of shapes and sizes and the money they raise will go toward the Idaho Youth Ranch's mission of providing troubled Idaho children a bridge to a valued, responsible and productive future.

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