While Bronco fans who gave up their Christmas to travel to see Boise State take on Boston College won't get that time with friends and family back, they will get some cash back in their wallet.

On Wednesday afternoon, I put on my Bronco gear and headed into one of my favorite sports bars in the town I grew up in.  It was really obvious that I was the only person who was there just to watch the First Responder Bowl. Unfortunately, minutes after we sat down and ordered our food, the lighting arrived and both teams marched into the living room.

I rode out most of the weather delay laughing at the First Responder Bowl's witty remarks as it live tweeted the delay.  It was hilarious right up until this one:

My friend's immediate response when I yelled "no way" was what happens to all those people who paid for tickets? Boston College was the first program to speak up and try to do right by their fans. Their athletic director, Martin Jarmond, announced via Twitter that any Eagles fans who purchased their tickets through Boston College would get a full refund by January 2.  They're also welcome to a free ticket for each bowl game ticket purchased to any BC athletic event between now and December 2019. A few hours later, KTVB's Jay Tust announced that Boise State would also refund tickets to Bronco fans who bought tickets through the university.

Now the First Responder Bowl itself wants to do right by fans as well, so they're offering ticket holders the option of a full ticket refund or if they'd like to come back to the 2019 SERVPRO First Responder Bowl, they could choose a free ticket to next year's game with two additional free tickets per ticket in the original purchase.

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