It's an obstacle that I knew I had to face. Today is the first Father's Day without my dad. He passed away last October and to be honest it just sucks. I try to remember that this is just part of life and so many people have to deal with it, but of course you can't help but think about missing him.

To be honest I haven't been crying a lot today (which happens). But I did notice when I went to the store today I did notice how many families were spending time together. So many people were enjoying time with their dad, the way it should be.

I've received many texts and calls from friends and family members making sure I was doing okay today, which truly means a lot. It's hard to put into words all the emotions but one thing is for sure. If you still have your dad here on earth spend as much time with him as possible. One day that time will be up and you can't get anymore. So, go give your dad a hug right now and tell him that you love him.


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