Each year, the Eagle Field of Honor pays tribute to military veterans with a patriotic display of 600 U.S. flags at Merrill Park. It also gathers donations for veterans programs.

This year, the proceeds will go to Brave Hearts Idaho, a non-profit organization that helps Idaho veterans and their families when they are facing financial crisis.

The non-profit offers a one-time grant of $500 to help veterans pay their rent, buy groceries, or pay down bills. Over the last 8 years, Brave Hearts Idaho has raised nearly $250,000 and helped about 600 veterans.

Many of our Idaho veterans are in crisis and they need our help. It's extremely difficult when they come back and for some, so difficult that they take their own lives.

The Brave Hearts mission, is always looking to the future.

If you want to help the Brave Hearts Idaho make a difference, visit BraveHeartsIdaho.org.

Eagle Field of Honor will be open through Memorial Day.

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