Another day, another top honor for the Treasure Valley (or at least so it seems). has named Boise as one of the top 10 downtowns in the country. 

The website rated cities across the country on factors like low vacancy rates, new developments (like the new hotels coming to downtown), and the influx of people to those places.  They also look at the ability to spend time outside and if the area is growing and thriving.

No big surprise, Boise was a top candidate.  In fact, the top 6 look like this:

6.  Boise

5.  Pittsburgh, PA

4.  Bellevue, WA

3.  Greenville, SC

2.  Santa Monica, CA

1.  Alexandria, VA

I would think it's safe to assume Boise provides the best attributes at the most affordable price (at least out of those listed).

See the rest of the list and more about the criteria from, HERE.