Part of my plan to be healthier this year is consuming more nutrient rich foods. For me that means cutting out most of the processed junk I love and replacing it with and adding more whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. However, the issue I often have is physically choosing produce. I don't know how to tell if it's "good." Then I get distracted by all the fun stuff in the grocery store, which usually means salty or sugary garbage. And produce tends to be more expensive than I feel comfortable spending.

I kept seeing Misfits Market ads pop up on my Instagram featuring a little map of the U.S. with certain states highlighted to indicate where they deliver. Most of the highlighted states are on the east coast, but moving west, Idaho is one of two states that are highlighted. For whatever reason that piqued my interest and I clicked on the link.

The answer to my prayers. Misfits Market partners with farms around the country to deliver affordable boxes of "ugly" produce to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You sign up for a "Mischief" or "Madness" box depending on how many people you need to feed. You'll be provided with a list of options, check what you want, and they put it together. Easy peasy!

What's the "ugly" about? Ever see a carrot that looks wonky like it has a leg coming out? A potato that looks like a butt? Most people, including myself, don't choose the ugly veggie. Then it goes to waste when it was perfectly edible and nutritious. Misfits takes these less than gorgeous fruits and vegetables off the hands of farmers and into your bellies for a fraction of the cost of produce at regular grocery stores.

Obviously it was this or never putting another green leafy vegetable in my body ever again, so I signed up, got my first box, and now I've got my meals prepped for the week. I feel like a real grownup! I highly recommend this service, especially of you are lazy like me.

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