The Salmon season is for hatchery fish only. Remember that each river has different rules and times where Salmon fishing is allowed. You will know this because the adipose fin between the tail and dorsal fin clipped off.

Idaho Fish and Game talks about the season as well as the fact that in September they are deciding on how to let anglers keep the wild Salmon. I am trying to find out more information on that topic. For now though Salmon season is open and it's only hatchery fish.

Salmon and Steelhead are two fish I don't like keeping. The miles they travel to get inland here to Idaho is amazing. I know they are tasty but just not my thing to keep them but then again these are hatchery fish only so that is good news. Also Salmon die after their spawning cycle.

Find out more about Chinook Salmon in Idaho here with Idaho Fish and Game.


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