This is Pippa.  I never thought that I would be that guy who gushed over a dog....or spent hours teaching one new tricks...but I'm sad to say I am.  And it isn't even my belongs to our daughter.  Now If I could just teach her not to poop on the sidewalk in front of the front door.

She likes to sit on my shoulder and watch TV, unless my wife is home, then she cuddles up on her lap.  One of the more difficult tricks that I've been able to teach her is to shake her head yes....and yes I have proof in the video.  As you can see, she loves going for rides and going outside to help me feed the fish, but as you can see by her head shake she loves yummies.  I am also in the process of teaching her how to shake her head no too....I will share that video along with all her other tricks, as soon as I can get it a little more perfected