The idea behind Caldwell Rocks is to decorate rocks or other found items in nature and hide them in various locations to brighten someone’s day. You can use paint, chalk, crayons, or sharpies as long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art.

You write on the back of the rock and post a picture on the community Facebook page

It's a fun project for everyone of all ages and abilities. It gives families the opportunity to be creative and get outside together! Putting away your electronics for a few hours a day and make some great memories. Paint a rock with your child, go for a walk, hide it and make a stranger smile when they find it!

Join the potluck paint night this Sunday at 4pm at Memorial Park in Caldwell. Meet new people and create some beautiful art together.

Bring your own brushes and 1-2 colors of paint to share with the group. You are welcome to bring a yummy dish or drink to share with the group. If you have extra rocks, feel free to bring those as well!

Memorial Park
is located on the corner of Kimball and Grant Street in Caldwell.

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