Look what Garth Brook's did for Bronco fans this year. It's official that Idahoans will be able to purchase beer and hard seltzers at all the home games this year. Garth is being given some of the credit due to the success of last year's concert and you thought tomorrow would never come (see what I did there.)

How crazy is it that we don't even know if there will be a season yet. Could we play games without fans? Will you have to sit in groups with social distancing in between? This is still all up in the air, but all college programs want you to plan on games.

We know the first home game comes on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, September 5. Everything still has TBA on schedules that include no time for kickoffs. I'm actually shocked nobody is talking about this considering this is a history maker addition to games. I'm assuming you can blame the coronavirus on where our priorities sit right now. I personally feel like it's a wait and see especially hearing that Idaho could be going back to stage two.

I will keep you posted on what the status is on games. We do know that if there is a game happening this year or next, alcohol will be sold. I wonder if we'll see people staying around longer now?

Boise Weekly has more information below.

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