Boise State Fans were excited entering into Friday's prime time game airing on CBS Network. The Broncos were one of the hottest teams in college football, winning four straight games heading into Friday's showtime.

The Broncos followed their roller-coaster season, leading the game at one time 16-3. Then, the bottom fell out as San Diego State roared back, firing off 24 points leading the Broncos battered and bruised.

Fans will have plenty of time to dissect the wins and losses of the season. Has Andy Avalos earned the right to return for a second season at the helm? The first-year coach showed growing pains just like his team. On the one hand, the Broncos beat a highly ranked BYU team on the road, and on the other, they lost to Air Force, a group with a huge heart but not the resources of a Boise State.  

Avalos might be forced to make a change with his coordinators. The defense, which was supposed to be the team's strength at the beginning of the season, let too many opponents roll over them in the fourth quarters of decisive games.

Offensive Coordinator Tim Plough has been under scrutiny by the fans for the entire season. Plough's 'revolutionary FSC offense' was supposed to light up opposing teams in the Mountain West. Plough even took shots at the fans by saying, 'there are a lot of offensive coordinators out there' during a post-game press conference. Plough's game plan was a complete failure this season. His run/pass option base offensive did not fit the personnel that he inherited.

Several former players have quietly complained that Plough's schemes didn't fit the players. Is Hank Bachmeier a running quarterback threat? Could you imagine Bachmeier playing in the Air Raid Offense? By the way, the entire team should be embarrassed that Mr. Bachmeier is the most hit/sacked quarterback in college football. Where is the pride from the team's offensive line?

Apologists will defend the staff, and if you're satisfied with a 7-5, then the staff should be retained. However, can Hank Bachmeier survive another season getting banged around due to bad coaching? Remember when Bachmeier chose was the highly regarded recruit from football-rich California? The Bronco play-caller deserves a coach who will adjust the offense to his strengths and protect him from weaknesses.

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