says Idaho is the 11th drunkest state in the country, and Boise is helping the cause.

Ok, but what's drunk really?

Sandpoint is the drunkest city in Idaho, according to that great-name-for-a-website,  Boise is ranked 3rd, with Coeur d’Alene in between.

So what do they mean by drunk exactly?  Here's the breakdown for how they came to their conclusions:

Number of bars and pubs per capita
Number of wineries per capita
Number of liquor stores per capita
Each city’s drunk related tweets within the last week
Each city’s divorce rate

Divorce rate?  I'm not sure how they know the divorce rate is related to a few too many brews, but that's what they say.  The divorce rate in Boise, by the way, is 13.9 percent. That's awesome, right?  We always hear divorce rates are at 50 percent, and we're happily married by comparison. But do you agree that we're drunk?

I feel that way many days, but I think that's from too much coffee and three kids talking to me at the same time all day long.  It makes my head spin.  Or maybe it's the Tito's, who really knows.

What's your favorite place to go out for a drink?  I like Chandler's a lot.  Oooh, and the Amsterdam Lounge!  That's where we're having our Halloween Party on the 31st.  Click HERE for the info and we'll see you there.

For a beer or two.