A mobile artist business in Boise is teaming up with a national sponsor to help the Boys and Girls Club next month.  And you can transform your photos into something completely unique in the process.  This is cool!

Art Party Boise is teaming up with the national custom art brand Gifted Custom Art to host a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club on October 22nd.  And we can end up with a pretty unique piece of art in the process.

Think of your favorite photo around the house, of your kids, your cute dog, or maybe it's that selfie you took on The Greenbelt over the summer.  If you send in that photo, through the wonders of technology they'll transform it into a paint-by-number piece of art.  It's part of the Gifted Giving event, and anyone can send in a personal photo to be converted into one of these custom paint-by-number canvases. The PR rep tells me there is no fee to register, but donations are accepted and all proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Boise- Ada County. The suggested donation amount is $55.  Christmas gift maybe?

Fundraising event will be hosted by Art Party Boise at Payette Brewing Co. on October 22nd, and a donation for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boise works as your registration.

For more information, contact Mary Welch at mwelch@giftedcustomart.com.