That's the secret ladies.  Wear a bikini in your profile pic and you'll get more dates. But at what cost?  Do the drink pics and travel pics have an impact?   

A new survey says we can get up to 10x more dates if we post a bikini pic in the Tinder profile.  Maybe you're having these thoughts too right now.

Ok!  But!  Bikini confidence has to be noticeable too, and sometimes even skinny girls don't have that.  And bikinis don't look great on all body types.  Something tells me it's not just any bikini pic that does the trick.    

Doesn't the pic create a bikini expectation?  If we decide not to the belly because we ate too much sodium on a good date at a good restaurant and feel bloated the next day, won't he be like, "Where's the bikini?"  He may have to deal with the tankini and the cover-up instead.

Might it be better to attract him with a glasses/bun-in-the-hair/librarian look, and then break out the bikini on the 4th date?  It could be a little reward for liking the brain more than the bod initially.  Hmm.

Other types of pics that draw the most attention are the travel pictures, and shots with a drink in hand.  Those photos might be easier to live up to.  As long as we're prepared to keep traveling and drinking.

Here's the other thing.  Do we really want "10x more dates?"  I want one date with one guy that's awesome, and that leads to more great dates and laughs and deep talks and a twinkle in the eye that tells me I'm it, and we decide to get married and ride off into the sunset together while Ed Sheeran is playing the soundtrack to our fairy tale life.  Hmm.

Is a bikini pic the way to get that going?  If it truly is, I might be postin' one!

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