The craft beer industry is huge and getting bigger all the time, and I'm super excited about the chance to celebrate it (and learn more about it) in March.

If you're like me and you come from a family that gets into beer habits and drinks the same ole same ole all the time, this is a chance to broaden horizons and graduate to the next level.

My Grandpa popped open one beer at 5pm most days for his happy hour with my Grandma, and that was all he ever wanted.  Just one.  And she drank one too and they laughed and cooked dinner together, and then they went to bed at 7:30.  They had been married for about 70 years by the time they passed away, and they were the cutest couple I've ever seen.  Beer was part of their fun!  And my Grandma could burp like a sailor, but that's another blog entirely. She would crack herself up doing it.

Now as a festival-loving grown-up, I can't wait for the America On Tap Beer Fest coming up in Nampa.  On my Tinder dating adventures I've been out with many craft beer lovers and having all that beer knowledge is attractive I think.  It's sexy.  These guys know what they like and yet they're always willing to try new things.  Funny how that works when the new thing is bubbly and frothy on top.  Anyway, on March 28th, forget Tinder ladies and head to the Idaho Center.  I'm sure there will be singles there for ya, along with couples on dates and husbands and wives, and anyone looking for a good time and sample some great beers and hard ciders.  There will be food too!

Click HERE for tickets and then tell your guy you have a fun surprise date idea for March 28th.  How can you go wrong?