I recently realized I don't look anything like my Barbie doll. One company wants to change that for younger girls with a new doll that is "average".

Lammily is her name. She is supposed to resemble the average 19 year old woman. She has true-to-life proportions. You can also make her even more real life with reusable clear vinyl stickers so your doll can have cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, moles, stitches, bruises, mosquito bites, and stains. They will start shipping Lammily on November 28th. Stickers won't ship until January 18th.

A few things:
1. I never actually thought I would grow up and look like my Barbie. There are so many other things in life that have let me down. Barbie wasn't one of them.
2. Why are freckles being lumped in with yucky things like acne and mosquito bites?! They're angel kisses according to my Grandpa!
3. Lammily. If she is based on the average woman then give her a name I've heard of before!!
4. The comments on the Women's Health Facebook page are comical. My favorite, "She looks poor." Why? Because she is brunette? Because she is wearing demin? I must be poor. I wear jeans everyday.

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