We here at Mix 106 are so proud of Aaron.  We work with his mother, and we've known Aaron since he was a teenager.  We've watched him grow up, we know his family and see the person he has grown up to become. so it especially heartwarming to read a letter written by a fan recently.  It's not a letter about how great an actor he is, but rather about how great a human being he is.

(Read the entire letter below)

Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media

A man who calls himself "Grumpy 30 year old had this to say:  "I am personally tired of 'celebrities' thinking they are better than everybody, so someone gives you a lot of money to show your body off or you're on a dumb reality show, and you think you're more attractive and better than people because you get photo shopped all the time"?

That's a quote from a "Grumpy 30 year old" complaining about celebrities who think that they are better than we are.  But not all celebs are that way and he gives Aaron Paul as a perfect example.

Take it from us here at Mix 106, he really is a great actor, but an even better person.  And knowing his family, he got most of that from the way he was raised.  Keep it up Aaron, we are very proud.