Will you cancel your subscription when this change goes into effect?

It's no secret that we love being part of your workday, but even with a great soundtrack to get you through it you might be completely beat when you leave the office.  I'm talking so beat that the idea of running an errand on the way home to pick-up shampoo or supplies for a girls craft night is actually painful.  If you're anything like me, that's when you turn to Amazon Prime to save you the hassle.  On days that I much rather go home and crash for the day, I'll order what I need during my lunch break and be content with it showing up at my door two days later (with no extra shipping costs!)

But will you jump ship when Amazon raises it's rates on annual Prime memberships?  The online retail giant announced that beginning May 11, new annual subscribers will be charged $119.  People who are already subscribing to Prime for $99 a month will see the increase when renewals come up on June 16.  The price hike is a result of the increasing costs of providing that awesome two day shipping option and digital benefits for members like streaming video.

To break it down a little further, the increase works out to be about $1.67 per month more than what you're already paying.  The cost of a yearly membership is almost $37 cheaper than the one that those on the monthly plan are paying.  At $12.99 a month on the monthly plan, subscribers who keep their Amazon Prime account for 12 months are really paying $155.88 a year.

As someone who depends on Amazon Prime to save me time in an already busy day, this isn't the news that I wanted to hear.  BUT if it saves me from having to drive through the Flying Y at rush hour to get shampoo on the way home from work, Amazon can take all of my money.

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