Oh, you poor iPhone users.   After you got past the issues a couple of weeks ago with the slight bend in the phone (seen in that pic over there) there's something new to worry about.

The slight bend was caused when users put the phone in their back pockets, and discovered the phone didn't mesh well with skinny jeans and rumps.  And now have you heard that the new iPhone might leave you with a bald spot the side of your head?

Business Insider says there is a tiny space between aluminum and glass on the outside of the phone; that "microscopic seam," as one Twitter user put it, can yank on hair and beards and pull some hair out.  In Apple's defense, there have been similar complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  Anyone want to go back to land lines?

If you're seeing #hairgate online today, that's why.  Just text!  It will save your hair.

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