This has to be the most ridiculous phone app idea that I have ever heard.

If you want a dog, but can’t afford one, don't have the room in your home, or the time to commit permanently, this app may be for you.

A new app called “Bark’N’Borrow” will let dog lovers nationwide borrow a pup. Owners create profiles for their dogs and then meet with prospective “borrowers” to see if their dog feels comfortable with them, and borrowers are “vetted.” Next month, the app will start charging a $4.99 monthly subscription fee.

If you are thinking, "aww, why did they leave out the poor kitties?" Don't you worry, they are getting plenty of love. Throughout the country, there are cat cafés where customers pay by the hour to cuddle with cats. Some even host yoga classes and movie screenings to foster a sense of community.

Would you ever use an app like this, either as the borrower or letting a stranger borrow your dog for a day?

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