It happened near Boise, and the story is making national news.  Stephen Vouch was on a hunting trip when he woke up to a black bear sniffing and slobbering on his head.  Would you scream?  Probably not the best idea.

I'd totally freak out, wouldn't you?  It's stories like this that keep me from camping.  I so prefer my nice cozy bed with walls to keep the bears out.

In the story that ran in the NY Post, Vouch said he "kind of freaked out" when he heard and felt the bear breathing on him and noticed the back of his head was wet.  He tried to scramble to his feet and got tangled up in the tarp with another hunter and the bear, but eventually everyone was able to get loose, and  Vouch shot and killed the bear.

Mike Kasper blogged a story earlier this month about a bear nibbling on a woman's kayak.  Ever encountered a nibbling bear?  Apparently it's becoming more common.

Idaho Fish and Game officials think the bear that nibbled on Stephen Vouch was 3 to 7 years old and weighed 200 to 275 pounds.  They recommend carrying bear spray to keep the bears away.

Or take Stephen Vouch with you, since he has a little experience dealing with bear encounters now.  Glad he's okay.

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