Not long ago, MSN shared a list of the most famous restaurants in each state. Idaho's choice left us scratching our heads. 

There's no doubt about it Epi's Basque Restaurant in Meridian is delicious. There's proof in the fact that they've been Trip Advisor's top-rated restaurant in Meridian for the past three years. They were also on Eater's list of "The 26 Essential Boise Restaurants" published last summer.

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But when you consider how many restaurants in the Treasure Valley, let alone the entire state, have ended up on TV shows or were the dining choice of major celebrities? We were stunned that Epi's was named "The Most Famous Restaurant in Idaho."

We think we figured out how it happened though. We did a little LinkedIn stalking and realized that the author of the list is based in London. Her write-up on Epi's mentions Boise's rich Basque culture and how we're home to the only Basque museum in America. We're also home to Jaialdi, one of the largest Basque festivals in the world, so we're not surprised that an international food blogger would know little old Boise, Idaho for Basque cuisine. It's only natural that she'd give the honor to a Basque restaurant.

But locally? We don't think Epi's is the most famous restaurant in the state or even the Treasure Valley, so we asked on Facebook "What do you think the most famous restaurant in the state of Idaho is? Not necessarily the tastiest or fanciest..." and Epi's wasn't mentioned at all. These (mostly local) restaurants were the ones that real Idahoans think are the most famous in the state.

The 10 Most Famous Restaurants in Idaho

We're venturing to guess the woman who wrote MSN's "This is Your State's Most Famous Restaurant" article has never been to Idaho. No disrespect to Epi's in Meridian, which earned the honor, but these restaurants are far more well-known nationwide!

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