Oh my goodness, have you heard about this sweet story?

A high school in Portland, Oregon awarded a diploma to a 100-year-old former student who was never able to graduate. What makes this even more special is that the school is also celebrating its 100th year.

Leah Vogel Hahn finished her sophomore year but had to work in the hop fields to help support her family during the Great Depression.

"It seems every year I started later and later because of the harvest," Leah remembered. "It was very discouraging."

She went on to work at American Can Company for 22 cents an hour and eventually earned better money at the shipyard.

Then, as it sometimes can, marriage and children further delayed her education.

Leah's daughter contacted the high school about the honorary degree and she says administrators exceeded every expectation.

On Friday, Leah received her diploma in front of this year's graduating class.

One student in attendance said, "She's a great example of adapting to life when change comes your way. She's a real inspiration to all of us graduating this year."