I love to fish. I love a cold beer in a dive bar and I have always wanted to go ice fishing. Good news, I can combine all three at this Minnesota bar! Guess where my next vacation is going to be?!

In Pelican Rapids, MN you can be inside a bar that will serve you a cold brewsky all while ice fishing! Hillbillies Ice Hole sits on a frozen lake, in the state of 10,000 lakes, and there are holes in the floor, aka the lake, so you can ice fish while hanging out at your favorite watering hole!

I have now added this bar to my list of "Places I must visit at least once." I am not sure if it will go above or below the Sourdough Saloon in Alaska where you can drink a Sourtoe Cocktail (a shot of Yukon Jack with a human toe in the glass). I love random places like Hillbillies Ice Hole! And apparently I better go soon because it's only open in January and February on Fridays and Saturdays. They haul everything in each morning and hauled out each night. My kind of place!