People have created Facebook pages for their pets for years. But now there is a social network just for your pet. It's the true test of who is more popular in your house.

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I have no trouble admitting that Gunner is more popular than me. How could you not like him? He's so handsome!

I try and keep Gunner's life pretty low key so that's what has held me back from setting him up a personal Facebook page (or the fact I have trouble checking my own page). Then I heard about This is a social network just for your pets. They have their own page. They make their own posts (go with me on that one) and they have followers (aka other people's pets). Instead of "likes" your pet will get "Awwwws" for their cute photos all dressed up for Halloween.

Does the world really need a pet social networking site? I have to say, I'm bummed the founders of this site came up with the idea before me. People (me included) go nuts for their pets. Gunner is my most favorite thing in the entire world. If people are going to buy a stroller to "take their dog on a walk," why wouldn't they want their pet to have a social media page with as many "awwwws" as possible?! Who knows, maybe my handsome Gunny will be following your pet!