Warner Brothers owns the copyright on the happy birthday song we all know.  So you can't sing it on TV or in a movie unless you pay them a royalty.  Which is why a guy in North Carolina named Greg May decided to write a new Happy Birthday song.

He wrote it in 2006, and over the past nine years, he's spent most of his free time and at least $150,000 having a woman do versions for almost every name you can possibly think of.

He's posted YouTube videos for 22 THOUSAND names so far, and he's still going.  He did 5,000 last year alone.  And he's done multiple versions for each name, in several different languages.  So he's posted about 300,000 videos total.

And the best part is the song isn't very good, you can even say that it's pretty terrible.  It's long it's annoying and the woman's not a great singer, so it's kind of memorable in that way.

Near the end of each song for some reason she imitates a dog barking and howling.  On every single version.  But did I mention it is FREE.

Here is a video of the lady who sings the birthday song in the studio recording one of the songs.

Check out the list to see if you can find your name here.