After all my dive bar tours, I should have written this book but someone else beat me to it. Either way, what a great idea for a book! It's a must have for summer road trips!

Kate McGwire photos

I was at Smoky Davis Meats yesterday to get my steelhead smoked and make some room in my freezer since I will be hangin' the salmon this weekend in Washington and need the space. Right there, on the counter I found this amazing book, No Bar Too Far, A Bar Hopping Guide for the Adventurous!

My first thought was that I should have written this book based on all the dive bar tours I have put on, but Rich and Debbie Higgins of Darby, Montana beat me to it and did a great job!

I love road trips, I love going off the beaten path, I love dive bars, I love local places outside the tourist traps and this book has all those things! It makes me want to get in my jeep and hit the open road right now! Point me in the direction of Mud Lake so Gunner and I can stop in at the Dog House Lounge (pg 271). Then we'll go to Emida and visit The Drifters Western Bar & Grill (pg 128). There is local history, Idaho tales, photos and so much more.

If you are like me and love road trips and local joints, get this book! Their website wasn't up and running and their Facebook page is all about the No bar Too Far Montana edition but I know that Smoky Davis Meats on State Street is selling the book. Even if you are just looking for a new local hangout, this book has it!

Happy Bar Hopping!