Comedian Jeff Foxworthy became famous for his Redneck know, you might be a redneck if?  Well we can also play the game by using Idaho in place of redneck, not because we're rednecks, but because Idaho is a pretty unique place to live. Can you add to the list?

If you’ve ever worn shorts and a ski parka in the same day…you might live in Idaho

If you measure distance in time rather than miles…you might live in Idaho

If you know someone who’s hit either livestock or wildlife more than once in their life….you might live in Idaho

If you’ve ever switched from heat to AC and back to heat again in the same day….you might live in Idaho

If the Speed limit is 65 and you’re traveling 80 MPH, yet everyone is still passing you, you might live in Idaho

If driving is better in winter, because all the potholes are filled with ice… might live in Idaho

If you know all 4 seasons, almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction….you might live in Idaho

If you find 10 degrees a little chilly…you might live in Idaho

Go ahead, add to our list..  Here's mine   "You might be from Idaho if every 40 years or so, some jack-wagon tries to jump the snake river canyon in a ski-cycle".....Boom...mic drop!



You might be from Idaho if:

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