We all have strange sleep habits. Some of us are just lucky enough not have anyone to sleep with so no one knows our strange sleep habits. This is not one of those stories.


I read an article that said 80% of those surveyed would be upset and worried if their spouse was smiling in their sleep. They would be suspicious that their spouse was dreaming of someone else. That is ridiculous to me! We are always talking about how as a society we don't get enough sleep. When we finally do, we can't smile and enjoy it? Mike said he wouldn't be worried that Tracy was dreaming about another man if she was smiling in her sleep. He would think she was having a good dream. And hopefully he was in it. The least of my worries is that I smile in my sleep!

I know for a fact that I drool in my sleep. My sister eats in her sleep and only cookies. My friend Sally used to date a guy who would make movements in his sleep like he was going to Oklahoma. Some people keep the conversation going after the lights go off by talking in their sleep. I prefer sleep moaners myself. I wouldn't want to share a bed with someone who kicks or their arms flail about and I end up with a black eye. Again my crazy friend Sally loves to make-out in her sleep. She loves waking up kissing her boyfriend (when she has one).

Your turn. What strange sleep habit does your partner have? It's supposed to be dark and quiet in the middle of the night. Or is this the time when things get really crazy?

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