I recently received an interesting share on my Facebook page. Whether you love Facebook, or hate it and everything it stands for, you will have to agree with me, that in this one instance, it is being used for good.  This post share hits close to home for me because as a father of a child with a mild case of Aspergers, I know how this mom feels.

This particular woman in Kalamazoo, Michigan named Jennifer recently asked her son Colin if he wanted a party for his 11th birthday next month.  He told her no because he didn't have any friends.  Like my son, Colin has been diagnosed with a condition related to Asperger's syndrome and he isn't comfortable in social situations and has problems making new friends. 

To help make his birthday a little happier and to cheer him up, his mom created a Facebook page called "Happy Birthday Colin" in the hopes that he would get a couple birthday wishes from relatives.

In the last ten days, the page has gone nuts. Colin now has over a million likes from people all over the world. 

Jennifer also posted an address where people could send cards if they wanted.  The birthday cards rolled in.

 Colin's birthday is March 9th, and Jennifer wants to keep the Facebook page from him until then so post away.  If you want to send a card address it to: Colin, P.O. Box 756, Richland, Michigan  49083.


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