OK, maybe you heard me talk about one of my Valentine's Day gifts to my wife this year was a candle, that had a ring inside the candle.   And how she was none to happy about getting a cheap ass ring in a candle.  I can now tell the rest of the story.  I know that my wife has wanted an anniversary ring for a few years, but because of the economy and budget constraints, I just couldn't afford to get it for her.  Finally the economy and the real estate market has improved and I had been saving money to finally be able to get her an anniversary ring for our 12th anniversary.

I have a friend who owns a jewelry store in Star that I did a remote broadcast for in December.  I asked him to keep an eye out for a great deal on a particular style of diamond ring that I wanted to give Tracy for our anniversary.

Now you might remember that I had bought a Diamond Candle to give her on Valentines day.  I thought it would be funny to get her a candle with a ring for Valentines day, then on our anniversary get another candle and put the real anniversary ring into for our 12 year anniversary.  But I misjudged and underestimated her underwhelming excitement over the Ring Candle.

The candles at diamondcandles.com all come with rings inside and the value of the rings are either $10, $100, $1000, or $5000.  Think Cracker Jacks, only with a bigger prize inside that could be valued up to $5000. .  But the lesson I learned this year, is that if you are going to get your wife a ring valued at $5000, save your money until you have enough to buy a $5000 ring.  A really nice ring apparently isn't anything to joke about.  Isn't it great that at my age, I still am learning lessons in love?

Anyway, I wanted to tell her that it all tied together as a big anniversary gift, but couldn't, because it would ruin the surprise, so I bit my lip and kept the secret till this past weekend....and NO I did not put the ring inside the candle like I had planned....I'm pretty sure she would have thrown it at me.  But she now has the ring that I hope she wanted, and will enjoy wearing for a long time.  And I hope it has finally got me out of the dog house for my crappy (yes I now realize it was crappy) Valentine's gift.  I love my wife, I love that we've been married for 12 years and look forward to many more years to come, but I still hate Valentines day. Oh and did I mention I hate Valentines Day.