With the temps getting up to triple digits this weekend, the natural thing for most local Boise families is to jump in to the trusty Boise River and cool down. Boise Fire Officials though are saying, think again and choose a better chill out place. 

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Wow I love summer in the Treasure Valley. I remember growing up the Boise River was always the go to. Hot outside, go to the river, bored on a summer day, go to the river. Parents don't want you in the house...yup you got it go the the many jump in spots of our beloved Boise River. Floating season has not even started yet and already officials are concerned that even though the warning of staying away from the popular cool down spot  is out there that people will not think twice about it. The issue is that the river is still at a record high flow, and it doesn't look like it going to be decreasing any time soon. According to the Boise Bureau or Reclamation the normal flow of the river in peak floating condition is between 1,200 cfs (cubic feet per second) and 1,500 cfs. Right now at the Glenwood Bridge it was just recorded at 3,000. The danger in the increased flow is that debris and trash gets swept up in the river and makes normal function in the river a difficult one. The best bet is these levels could decrease possibly by mid month. So even though the first though of most of us...er...myself included is to jump in down at the bridges on the BSU campus or swing from the trees along the Greenbelt in South East Boise the safest option is to enjoy the river, but just to do it from afar.

PS. While it's not safe for us on two feet the same goes for our furry friends as well. Oh and make sure to put on that sunscreen its gonna be a scorcher! -JD