I love my home state. I was born and raised right here in Idaho.  I grew up in the rural areas of Idaho and Lewis Counties in north central Idaho. In my humble home grown opinion, you'd be really hard pressed to find a bad place to live in Idaho, let alone a whole list of the worst places to live, but thanks to roadsnacks.net here is a list of the worst places to live in Idaho.  By the way the Treasure Valley has a majority of the towns and cities on the list.


Before you get all up in arms as I reveal the list, keep in mind these are the worst towns in Idaho, not the worst in the US.  So even if your city is Middleton or Caldwell (spoiler alert) and you are the worst two towns on the list, doesn't mean you don't still live in an awesome city. It's just that based on this criteria in this state, you live in the worst city.

Roadsnacks came to their conclusions by taking into consideration crime rates, median income, unemployment rates, household vacancy rates, student to teacher ratio, and commute time.

The Treasure Valley is well represented in this survey with 7 of the 10 worst places to live in Idaho.


Click on the button bar below to see the worst cities or towns to live in Idaho, the results might surprise you.  It did me, and I live in Eagle.

If your town showed up, let's hear it from you, share in our comments section why you think your town is awesome.