This study has proven that if we wanted to be more efficient, and help make more money for your company we should all be doing this.  But I don't think there is any way in a million  years any of our bosses would ever let us do this.


Not that this story is going to help, because I’m sure your boss doesn’t have time to listen to you spouting off about needing breaks while you put in your 50 plus hours a week, but who knows, maybe if management hears this story, soon you could be getting more breaks during the day.

A new studyfound that if you want to work as efficiently as possible, you should focus hard for 52 minutes.  Then take a 17-minute break.

If you repeat the cycle for an eight-hour work day, you'll wind up taking two hours of breaks. Which seems like you would get less work done, not more.  But the study shows you will work less actual hours, but still get more done than if you worked eight hours straight.

Come on managers...bosses, Corporate V.P.'s.  Take the plunge, be the pioneer, you make more money and we work less hours.  Whose in?