We were talking about new words added to the Oxford online dictionary and one of the words was douchbaggery.  Someone doing vile and disgusting things is guilty of this.  Kate mentioned that she hated that word.  She also hates the word moist.



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What are some clean words used every day that you can’t stand?

thoughtcatalog.com came up with a list of word that people hate to hear and here are the Top 10 words that people hate:


10. Chunky
9. Squirt
8. Smear
7. Curd
6. Fetus
5. Phlegm
4. Yolk
3. Lugubrious ….(I don’t even know what this means, but it sounds evil)
2. Blog
1. Moist
Here is a full list of the 28 most icky, gross words you can hear.  See if you can make an icky sentence out of them



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