It's time for my yearly trek through The Field of Screams at The Farmstead. There is no way I'm going alone, so I'm bringing 5 people with me. All you have to do is enter my Spooky Caption Contest to get in to win a scary walk through the corn!

Steve Frost Photos

I love to scare myself and I've found one of the best ways to do that is a walk, or run in my case, through The Field of Screams at The Farmstead. It's dark, it's trail through the corn that is full of clowns, men with chainsaws, evil creatures, a terrifying bus and so much more!

I have passes for you and a friend (or someone you can grab on tight to) for this Friday night (10/3) at The Field of Screams at Farmstead. Best caption for the above photo wins! Here's a hint: I picked this "spooky" picture because I thought their reactions were just plain comical. (Hint, hint...funny captions have a better chance of winning).

Contest ends at 10am on Thursday morning.

RULES: You must enter your caption below in the comment section. Make sure to check back and look to see if you won!

Good Luck!