Not only is LaDanian Tomlinson coming to Meridian with his preparatory football camp, but he is also part of the 100 Men Standing Conference and you can win tickets!

When my good friend and mentor, Derrick Boles, told me about the 100 Men Standing Conference,  I immediately thought, "I'm not crazy! Someone else has also noticed a shift in our interpersonal relationships." Men, please don't take this as a slam. I feel both sexes are to blame for the way we interact with each other today. And Derrick has taken it upon himself to help the men Stand Up. As he put it, "men have become lazy." They aren't leading the family anymore. They aren't being good role models for their children. They're not supporting their spouses to their best ability. And like I said, I feel women are partly to blame for this. I feel like we have moved too far into your space and you have no room to "be the man." Along the way, the motto, "I don't need a man" took over and women have been trying to do it all leaving no space for a man. Then complain that there are no good men out there. If we are going to be in relationships with each other then we have to share that space.  Both have to be contributors to the relationship and the world we live in. So ladies, let's loosen the grip on doing everything, create some space for the man to be a man. This is where Derrick Boles comes in with 100 Men Standing. He is going to motivate through his innovative approach and help men Stand Up this Saturday at Mountain View High School. He is going to show you how to be a better leader, be a better father, be a better husband and demonstrate how to be an active member of our community. There will also be a special message from NFL star, LaDanian Tomlinson, who will be putting on his Preparatory Football Clinic at Mountain View High School this weekend.

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And please refrain from posting any derogatory comments about the opposite sex on this post. I'm very passionate about living in a world where it's referred to as men and women, not men vs, women.