Your final hourly incentive to become an Idaho Foodbank backpack buddy is an iPad Mini 2! If you've been watching the incentives all day and waiting, this is your final chance to get in an win!

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Apple's tablet, the iPad Mini 2, could be in your hands if your name is selected from this hour's backpack buddies!

This is your final chance to win one of our hourly incentives for Mix 106 Cares for Kids! All day we've been asking you to step up and help a child who doesn't know where their next meal will come from. Become a backpack buddy for The Idaho Foodbank today!

CALL 275-8806 to donate

If you're debating about whether to donate or not, think about this:
-You can't see hunger. You can't tell who needs help and who doesn't based on appearance
-A child should never starve because their parents made bad decisions
-Not all people who need assistance made bad decisions
-You never know what medical situation or job loss might put you in a situation where you need help.
-I personally believe it's my responsibility to help those in need because I'm in a position that I can.
-Be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with you!

CALL 275-8806 to donate