Most of the time, when a team visits Boise State for a football game we boo as the team enters the stadium.  I've done it, but when The Washington Huskies visit BSU for a game on this Friday (Sept 4th) I will be standing and cheering for him and this is why:

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Coach Pete is a big reason why I became a Bronco Fan and not just because of how he coached the Broncos or because of all the wins, but because of the person he is and how much he helped

BSU, Boise and the kids that came through the program. He did things for our community and the University that most of us don't even realize.

Here's the other reason.  This years team is predicted to have a very good year, with some even predicting an undefeated season and a top ten ranking by the end of the season.  The team that will be doing that, if it happens, is the team that Coach Pete and his coaches recruited.  That's right those players that he recruited are now Juniors and Seniors and team leaders that have a big bearing on the success of this years team. So cheering Coach Pete also shows a bit of respect for the BSU players whom he brought to play here.

So yes, I will be attending the game and I for one will be standing and cheering for Coach Chris Peterson as a thank you for everything he did for the University, the city of Boise and the BSU Bronco football team.  Then after showing our appreciation for coach Pete, we can show him how bad an idea it was to leave BSU by kicking the living hell out of the Washington Huskies in front of a live nationwide audience.


What about you? Will you be cheering for Coach Pete and his return to the blue with another team?