I repel technology. At the same time I can appreciate the fact that it has made life easier, simplified a few things and reconnected me to the smelly kid from junior high. Thanks Facebook. I also think that technology has made us more lazy. Not all pieces of technology, but there are some that are just ridiculous. Is it really too much effort to push mute on the TV remote? Why would I ever want to put a vibrating fork into my mouth? The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is happening this week and I think some of these are just dumbing us down as society!

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1. The June Bracelet-Alerts the wearer to protect their skin from the harsh rays from the sun. Set to debut in mid-year, this accessory suggests how much sunscreen to apply and when. Cost: In the $100 range. Do I really need a piece of jewelry to tell me that hot red skin is getting too much sun? The bubbling blisters are free so why would I shell out a Benjamin for this?

2. The Kolibree Toothbrush-Being deemed the "world's first connected toothbrush". Tthe Kolibree is able to provide users with details on their brushing habits, helping them to improve their overall dental health. The toothbrush can be connected to an app via Bluetooth, and each brush stroke is digitally recorded. Cost: About $100. Plan and simple...at this age we should know how to brush our teeth.

3. The Tao Wellshell-Offers an aggressive person an object to squeeze that will not only release their frustration, but also improve body strength. Cost: Between $200 and $300. Apparently the inventor of this has never heard of stress balls from the 90s. And those didn't cost more than $5 and they never took off. You could also try working out to get out the agression. Or how about talking about your problem? Journaling?

4. I saved my favorite for last!! Mute your TV with a "shhhh." Put one finger to your lips and turn on/off appliances by pointing at them. You can, thanks to a company called PointGrab. PointGrab's AirTouch system works kind of like Microsoft's Xbox Kinect, but you don't need special hardware. In fact, AirTouch works with even a basic webcam. Cost: Ridiculous. We have really reached a point in this world that pushing the mute button is too much to handle? No...that doesn't scream lazy at all!

Now I am going to get back to figuring out how to get a ringtone on my brick phone. This thing is amazing!! :)