It's hard to understand why Tyler, Texas is paying $2.11 per gallon and we're paying um....a lot more here. had the average around $2.85 per gallon in Boise on Thursday.  What's the deal?

One article pointed out this week that crude oil is $2 less a barrel right now than it was in January, but we're paying a dollar more at the pump.  The national average is $2.66 per gallon, and we're twenty cents above that.  They're paying $3.46 in Chicago, and in California it's $3.56 so it could be worse.

Prices are tied to crude oil, but they're also linked to regional refineries and whether they're operating at full capacity, making special blends for certain times of the year, and so on.  I dunno.  Apparently it's an industry full of variables, which means we can never bank on paying a certain amount until we stick the card in the swiper at the pump.

Gas prices affect cars of course, but they also impact airline ticket prices, and even football ticket prices.  If your favorite team has to pay a premium in travel expenses, the easiest way to offset the cost is to raise ticket prices.  And when 18-wheelers have to spend more to fill up, the goods they're hauling will probably cost more.  I even had the mobile dog groomer charge more one time because it cost her more money to come to the house to groom my dog Harry.

Do higher prices stop you from doing anything?  Probably not!  We're going no matter what.  When prices are higher, it's just a bigger pain in the butt.  Or wallet.