An alarming number of dogs have been disappearing in southern Idaho, especially in the Magic Valley. Could the same problem be headed here to the Treasure Valley?

According to a story in USA Today the Idaho Humane Society says that over 40 dogs have gone missing in the Twin Falls area since the end of 2015. These dogs don't just disappear, they are no where to be found. Nobody has turned them into the Humane Society and rewards are going unclaimed. Dogs are found missing from fenced yards, garages and unchained from their restraints.  The police department says that most times dog show up dead or at  the shelter, but that has not been the case. Since the end of last year they have just disappeared and nobody knows where.

The society has put out a $5,000 reward for information, and people are buzzing about their lost pets on social media

Some people say the problem may be worse than what is being reported, with one Craigslist ad saying that 30 dogs have disappeared since just February alone.

Might it be a dog fighting ring that is stealing them?  No one knows for sure but the differing breeds of dogs would suggest no, since all sizes are disappearing from small Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  All anyone knows for sure is that it must stop.

If you know or see anything you are asked to call the police department