When you move into a new place for the first time in the relationship, who gets to decided where all your stuff goes?


My fiance and I moved into a new place together two and a half weeks ago. We've been slowly putting everything away and organizing the house ever since. Or should I say I have been slowly putting things away and organizing.

Last Sunday came boxes are still full of stuff and I'm realizing as I start unpacking the bathroom that I have unpacked every room but one! I did the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, spare bedroom and now the bathroom. The only thing my fiance unpacked was the extra room/man cave... Which is pretty much just his clothes and weight set.

However I had another realization while I was still unpacking the bathroom. I'm sure he would have done it if I'd asked, because he doesn't care where things go and I do. So naturally it got me thinking of other couples. I know one of my brothers does most of the cooking for his family and I'm sure he cares where things go in the kitchen... Or does he? Do men even care where things go in the house? Is this just a woman problem?