It's official! The US Department of Treasury is going to put a woman's face on the $10 bill. Now all we have to do is figure out, whose face should that be?

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The brand-new $10 bill will be unveiled in 2020, which marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote. It was confirmed yesterday that the process has been started to put a woman's face on the $10. Girl Power!

Alexander Hamilton face won’t be completely replaced. His mug will still remain on the bill in some way, with one option could be to produce two different bills. I agree with this. I don't want to change history. He was founding father.  An addition to the $10 bill is good, replacing Hamilton would have been a slap in the face to history. You can't change it. You learn from it.

The Secretary of the Treasury will reveal his choice later this year. According to reports, "she needs to be a woman recognized by the public who was a champion for democracy in the United States. The person should be iconic and have made a significant contribution to—or impact on—protecting the freedoms on which our nation was founded."

Who do you think fits that description and should be the first woman on a piece of US Currency?