If somebody cuts you off in traffic today or doesn't use a blinker, it's apparently just an isolated incident.  Drivers in Idaho are pretty good compared to the rest of the country.  Who knew!

If you're vacationing in the South this summer, that's the place that you'll run into the worst drivers.  Idaho is just the 37th worst.

It's rough to drive in Louisiana.  Car Insurance Comparison.com says Louisiana is the state with the most careless driving problems, and unfortunately has issues with drunk driving too.  Our neighbors over in Montana are in the Top 10 for the worst drivers at #9, and North Dakota is 10th worst .  Oregon is in the Top 5 for states with the best drivers, according to the article.  Way to go Portland.

Texting is lumped into the "Careless Driving" category.  Do you do it?  I'll admit to it, and here's what is making me not do it.  The kids!  They're in the back of the SUV watching me, and the thought of them doing the same thing someday terrifies me.  Let's lock our phones in the glove box while we drive.

Be safe and have a great week!