A dad posted a photo on his Facebook page showing a 101 age year difference in one family and was flooded with even bigger age gaps.


Patrick Quinn, co-founder of  Life of Dad page on Facebook, posted this picture of a "101-year difference" between a new baby and the family's oldest living relative. According to the Huffington Post, he had seen the photo onSarah Hamm's page.  It was her two week old daughter Kaylee Rowland and her 101 year old Grandma Rosa Camfield.
What surprised Quinn was the over 120 posts he got from people sharing their own multi-generational posts. So far, the biggest age gap is 112 years old.

My Grandmother lived to be 92. The youngest of the kids were in their 20s at the time and no one had started having babies yet. Usually a 70 year age gap is big, but after seeing all these posts, that is nothing!